How to Propagate Orchid | 5 Different Ways!

Plant propagation is the process of planting seeds or seedlings in suitable soil and taking care of them until they grow into a whole plant. 

It is the most effective way to increase the number of plants in your garden. If you have more plants, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden.

Further, there are various ways of propagating plants. Some of the standard methods are as follows:

How To Grow An Orchid From A Cutting

It takes years before an orchid starts producing flowers. Unfortunately, most people need to be made aware of this fact. They have the wrong idea that once you buy a cutting of an orchid, you will see its flowers.

 It is different, as the orchid needs to grow for some years to get the best results.

More so, some tricks can help you to grow your orchid. So today, I will share some essential tips and tricks to help you grow an orchid.

Tip 1: Keep Your Orchid Moist

It requires high humidity and moisture content. In a humid environment, the plants will start producing a lot of roots and buds.

Tip 2: Repot Your Plant

It is better to repot your orchid when the plant is at least 2 to 3 years old. If you repot the plant, it will become more flexible, and you can easily control it.

Tip 3: Feed Your Plant

The common mistake is that people feed their plants with regular fertilizer and expect the orchid to overgrow. 

But if you feed your orchid with the right fertilizer, you will get the best result in no time.

How To Propagate An Orchid Through Division

As you know, orchids are beautiful flowers that bring a sense of calmness to our lives. But to grow an orchid, you don’t need any unique technique. 

Further, it is easy to grow an orchid plant through division. You need to follow the proper procedure, and you will get a healthy plant.

There are various ways to propagate orchids. But there is only one effective method that will work for most of the plants. You can propagate the orchid in 4ways:

1. Root Division

2. Seed Division

3. Direct Division

4. Indirect Division

These are considered simple techniques but are effective for most orchid plants.

Root Division

The first method of propagating the orchid is by division of the root. Here, the root is cut into two or three parts and transplanted into a pot containing good-quality soil. 

Then it is adequately watered. When the roots grow, it is transferred to a new pot.

Following this procedure will take around 5 to 6 months for the root to grow and develop. Then the newly grown orchid will be ready for sale.

Seed Division

In this method, the seed of the orchid is planted in a pot containing soil. After the roots develop, the seedlings are taken out and divided into smaller pots. 

These plants are then placed in a small greenhouse or room.

When the roots develop, the seedlings will be ready for sale.

Direct Division

In this method, you will have to cut the stem and take a small piece of stem to divide. Again, it would help if you cut the stem with a sharp blade, but ensure you cut it without causing any injury. 

In addition, you will get a new plant after the division.

Indirect Division

Growing plants in a controlled environment are the best way to ensure that they grow according to their needs. This method entails cutting the stem into smaller pieces and putting it in a container after it has been cut.

Keeping it in a sunny place for at least one month will be necessary for it to work well.

You will be able to see the plant’s growth after a month.

How To Propagate An Orchid From Keikis

If you love orchids so much, you must know that it is tough to propagate them. 

Moreover, there are different ways to propagate an orchid, and one of the best and easiest ways is through propagating orchids from keikis.

These are the tiny and tiny little buds that appear inside the bulb of an orchid when it is ready to flower. 

We will discuss propagating orchids from keikis in this article.

Steps to propagate an orchid from keikis:

Collect the Keiki

Before collecting the keikis, cut a small hole in the root of the Keiki. So that water can reach the Keiki and moisture is required for the bud to sprout.

Keep it in a Moist and Dark Place

If you collect the keikis from the nursery, keep them in a moist and dark place. Keep it in a box or a pot and put it in the sun. The sun will help the roots to grow faster and also helps to increase the stem of the Keiki.

Water the Keiki Regularly

Watering the Keiki every 2 days is vital, as this will help the roots grow faster.

Keep the Keiki Under Constant Sunlight

After a few days, you will see that the Keiki has sprouted, and now it is time to keep it under the sun for the whole day. 

Keeping the Keiki under the sun for a minimum of 7 hours is crucial, but I recommend keeping it for at most 8 hours.

You should keep it under the sun for eight hours because it will be damaged.

How To propagate An Orchid From Seed

Every girl wants to grow her orchid and become an expert in the field of orchid growing. 

So, if you are also one of those girls who want to grow your orchid, then you are at the right place.

In this article, I have put together a short list of simple and practical tips to help you grow plants from seed.

1. Prepare a Suitable Place for Your Seeds

Before starting any of the processes, it is vital to know where you are going to plant or grow your seeds should be clean and dry. 

So, collect all the necessary things to start the propagation process.

2. Separate the Seeds

Separate each seed of the orchid and collect the healthy seeds only. The healthy seeds are the ones that have a bright yellow color.

3. Keep the Seeds Moist

If you want to plant your seeds in the soil, then it is vital to keep them moist and don’t let the soil dry out completely. It will slow down the process and affect your orchid’s growth.

4. Choose the Right Pot

It is one of the essential tips for propagating your orchid from seed. It would help to choose a pot containing the soil so the air can enter it quickly. 

So, choose a pot with sufficient space inside and outside for the air to circulate.

5. Put the Seed

In the middle of the pot, place one seed and cover it well with the soil. If you put the seed in the soil without any container, then the soil will absorb the moisture of the seed, and it will take a lot of time to sprout. 

So, make sure that the seed is placed in a container.

6. Keep the Soil Warm

Seeds need warmth to sprout, so you can heat the soil if you don’t want to wait for days. You can use warm water or hot water to keep the soil warm. If you want to warm your seed, you can place the soil near a heater.

7. Keep the Soil Moist

Make sure that you keep the soil of your orchid wet enough to avoid any problems. Watering your orchid is a good use of money because watering is essential for the growth of your seed.

8. Provide Light

As you are already aware, that Light is the essential ingredient for the growth of your seed, providing Light to your orchid. You can use a lamp to provide Light.

9. Give Enough Space

Keep your orchid from the sunlight. When you are planting your seed, make sure that the seed is exposed to enough sunlight.

10. Watch the Process

If you are not interested in watching the process of your orchid, then you can make it simple by covering the pot.

Steps of Propagating Orchids by Water

Water propagation is the best way to grow orchids. This method requires no extra space and low maintenance, and the most crucial part is that you will get the same number of plantlets from each seed. 

The following are some tips that might be helpful for you if you are trying to propagate orchids by water.

1) Do Not Take Too Much Water

Orchids can die because of excess water. But if you add less water, the roots will remain in contact with the soil, ensuring the plant’s survival.

2) Do Not Use Tap Water

If you use tap water to make water propagation, then it will be contaminated, and you won’t get the same number of plantlets. 

So, buy good quality water that contains no chemicals.

3) Water the Plantlet from the Bottom

Water is the first thing you need to fill up a bucket with. Then, place the plantlet in the water and let it soak for 1 to 2 hours. Don’t use a plastic cover over the bucket as the water will evaporate from the plastic cover and will leave the plants dry.

4) Place the Plantlet in the Water and Drain the Water

Next, remove the plantlet from the water and wait for 30 minutes. After that, drain the water from the bucket and place the plantlet on a wet cloth. This step is called draining, and it helps in root development.

5) Water the Plantlets Continuously

Place the plantlet in the water and make sure to keep the water level below the plantlet. If you put the plantlet in the water and the water reaches above it, it will dry out, leading to the plant’s death.

Over to You

To summarize, growing orchids using this method is the easiest. First, you must follow the proper procedure to get a healthy plant.

Propagation by water is one of the most cost-effective methods to grow orchids. 

So, if you want to keep the orchid alive for longer, use water propagation.

Thus, It is how to propagate an orchid from keikis, and you will get beautiful orchids in no time. It is effortless, but a few things are required for this method. 

So, try to do it regularly, and you’ll see what a difference it can make.

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